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Cheap flights!

Stowing away in the wheel well of an aircraft. We’re all keen on getting cheaper flights to anywhere, really, as long as it ain’t here. Sure, you may cream your pants over visiting wherever in the hell I am

Tajikistan Series: Drug Trafficking Pt. 2 – Routes

I’d first like to apologize for the noticeable delay – over a month! The demands and problems of real life were able to steal away my focus; however, with some free time over the last few days, I have managed to put together part II in this drug trafficking segment of the Tajikistan series. In…

You’re so vain

I’ll bet you think this log is about you, don;t you? Well maybe it is and maybe it isn’t. It depends really on a few things. Do you like having your picture taken? Do you like to travel and if you do, do you do it fairly regularly? If you answered yes to these questions…

Tajikistan Series: Drug Trafficking Pt. 1

While chatting with a friend who works in irrigation policy research in Tajikistan, we both came to the conclusion that there is, relatively, very little information and very little research being done with regards to Tajikistan. This lack of interest, six years ago and prior to, is understandable. And yet post 9/11 and Afghanistan invasion…

Burma’s Secret War (Video)

The struggle between Burma’s military junta, democracy and the country’s various ethnic minorities and rebel groups has been one of the simmering news staples of the last several decades. Nothing much changes.

Unwelcome guests Pt.2

After reading my PBlog “Unwelcome guests” my dear friend Dr. Dave Mozley made some insightful points to me about some other aspects in the treatment of travelers diarrhea that he thought would be helpful to others in the context of traveling to developing countries. Dave and I have made many difficult trips together and he’s…