Middle East

Adventures in Hebron and Nablus

I refer to Palestine as that region otherwise known as the West Bank and Gaza and at least nominally under Palestinian political control. I refer separately to Israel as that region on the other side of the 1948 Armistice Line, the pre-1967 borders. I am fully aware that in the complex and convoluted geopolitics of…

Iraq – Homeward Bound

The long-awaited fourth and final part in Chris Afir’s account of being incarcerated in an Iraqi prison cell: Following 17 days in an Iraqi prison in 2005, Chris Afir and companion, Zim, finally get a military escort out of the country.

Georgia – Gori in Pictures

Even before becoming the focus of world headlines in August 2008 after being subject to Russian military attacks and subsequent occupation in the wake of the conflict in nearby S. Ossetia, the Georgian town of Gori was well-known to some abroad due to the fact that it was birthplace and hometown of the former leader…