Where the Bastards wax lyrical.

On thin air

One of the things I take great pride in with regards to my travel habits is the level to which I preplan for certain contingencies especially those which will hopefully safeguard myself and my companion in the event things suddenly go pear-bottomed.

Kidnapping Children For Fun and Profit

Lessons from the French school. Back in the day there was a guy called Chad, and also a country, somewhere down there in the dirty sands of Africa, where a bunch of those little kiddies ran around playing and screaming and falling over stuff and sometimes even picking up guns to kill each other –

Malaria war sitrep

It is a war for those of us who happen to spend time traveling or living in parts of the world where malaria is an issue to be not only aware of, but one to also consider when it’s implications can affect our health and welfare. Modern medicine is on our side, and is also…

Cut n’ Run

What to do when you wake up beside a Dead Hooker. It’s happened to all of us at one time, I suppose, stuck in a musty Bangkok sex club with numerous young girls all ogling at your overweight belly under a sweaty t-shirt, you feeling like the man you are, all three hundred pounds, the…

So You Want to Start an NGO?

Birth of an NGO Disclaimer: Nothing written below should be construed as legal advice. It is a description of my personal experience only. If you get into legal trouble after you read this, it’s your own fault! Since the question comes up so often “how do you start an NGO?” it seems like the right…

Would you like flies with that?

Some things are just made for each other, or at the very least they compliment each other. They dance the dance together in a weird and at times with a dysfunctional symbiosis. At best these separate entities can compliment each other’s weaknesses or strengths. Like caviar and champagne, or chocolate and strawberries, a shot of…