Polo’s Bastards Worst Destinations of 2011

Well, 2011 was a hell of a year and a lot of countries made a play for their place in the list of the worst of 2011 with unexpected and out of character descents into dangerous territory everywhere from Greece to Norway and the UK. The Middle East saw massive changes and Mother Nature really…

2008 Worst Destinations

Yet another year of carnage has come to an end with the close of 2008 and yet again, we are doomed to see many familiar faces on Polo’s Bastards Annual Top 10 Worst Destinations. We’re sure some of these countries are beginning to get a complex, but luckily for them there are also plenty of…

The 7 Most Dangerous Countries for Bloggers

Sure, you’ve probably heard of a few big cases of bloggers being sued or held up to professional standards of journalism that they spectacularly failed to meet, but did you also know that around the world there are over 60 bloggers currently behind bars for writing a lousy blog? The sad truth is that this…

NZ Photos

Ok, it ain’t dirty, it ain’t third word and it ain’t adventuresome. But give me a break! I am testing out the new gallery feature!

Recipe: Haitian Mudcakes

Fast becoming the staple culinary delight in Haiti, the humble mudcake has made a resurgence in international cuisine since the heady days of African famine in the 80s. Here’s how you make one!

Burma’s Secret War (Video)

The struggle between Burma’s military junta, democracy and the country’s various ethnic minorities and rebel groups has been one of the simmering news staples of the last several decades. Nothing much changes.