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When travel advisory organizations say of a destination “strongly advised not to visit or transit “, you can generally rest assured they have good reason. However, we know that a good many people have cause, or inclination, to sidestep such advice – whether that be for humanitarian reasons, business, or just plain travelers’ curiosity married with determination.

At Polo’s Bastards we aim to share our opinions, experiences and advice on a site for individuals who might find themselves destined for third-world countries and out-of-the-way locations not frequented by the backpacking or five-star crowds. On occasions some of these destinations may have travel-advisory warnings against them, and whilst we do not actively encourage people to venture into hostile areas, we recognise the need for a site where people can gain an informed view of latest situations along with first-hand accounts.

Polo’s Bastards has people on the ground everywhere from Afghanistan to Colombia, reporting regularly on the state of play in their respective countries. We also have a number of seasoned NGO’s, Journalists, Humanitarian Aid-workers and odd-ball travelers regularly buzzing around the world’s more “topical” places and feeding relevant information back to us so that we can publish it for all to see. We hope you’ll find the information useful.

If you would like to get in contact with us then drop us an email – you’ll generally find us to be a pretty friendly bunch, if slightly nuts.

Editor in Chief: Lee Ridley.
Email: editor (at) polosbastards.com

Sub Editor: Steve Strommer
Email: stiv (at) polosbastards.com

Founding Publisher and Contributing Editor: Rob Wood.
Email: news (at) polosbastards.com

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