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Nagorno Karabakh – Last Stop: Aghdam

There´s only one place on the entire planet where it is possible to secure the visa necessary to enter Karabakh. And that´s at the country´s permanent mission in the Armenian capital, Yerevan. The delegation from Karabakh occupies a rather handsome building, very close to the Iranian embassy. Nonetheless, the visa procedures for Nagorno Karabagh are…

How to Rob and Burn Down the Hostel Without Getting Caught

It was this month seven years ago that some random fruit picking types crashing at a ditch-dive hostel in some far away land called Juastrailyuh (south of Mexico, I think) got charred extra crispy thanks to some damned pervert lighting up the whole place like a cheap wicker basket. Hey, that’s fine, I can’t complain.…

Here Comes the Sun

And it’s all right. Except if you’re from Scandinavian and Eastern European genetic stock like I am, and happen to be in equatorial or tropical climates. It’s then that sunshine and heat can be akin to “The enemy”.