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Starting an NGO – IRS update

The IRS is making it a bit easier for the NGO startups after their advance ruling period.  Below is the updated information. This is an addendum to the “So You Want to Start an NGO” post.

Talk to Me

“Talk to me.” my companion said in a very predictable manner. She usually says this when she feels I’m ignoring her or at the very least not paying her enough attention.

Recipe: Haitian Mudcakes

Fast becoming the staple culinary delight in Haiti, the humble mudcake has made a resurgence in international cuisine since the heady days of African famine in the 80s. Here’s how you make one!

Some Days Are Just Bad

“What?” “Can you deliver my sister’s baby? The midwife couldn’t do it and they said you delivered babies.” I asked where his sister was. “At the clinic” was his reply. It was about 2pm, I had closed the clinic at about noon since most of the back country “taxis” or jalónes (Toyota pickups with metal…

Society Sucks, So Get Lost

Building Your Own Mountain Hideout: A Step By Step Guide Way back in the day I was really enamored with all this society bullshit, this pushing and pulling, this tugging to reach higher plateaus of existence, schmoozing and smooching the stars and shagging random married women at film festivals; ah, it was the life, sipping…

Improvise, Adapt, Overcome, and Text

Improvise, Adapt, Overcome, and Text A big stormed slammed the Eastern US on the very day my team was departing from Louisville, Kentucky with a destination of San Pedro Sula, Honduras. It was a rather large group of 21 dentists, dental students, and support personnel. As is my SOP, the Mrs. and I had arrived…