Recipe: Haitian Mudcakes

Fast becoming the staple culinary delight in Haiti, the humble mudcake has made a resurgence in international cuisine since the heady days of African famine in the 80s. Here’s how you make one!




Take on part salt to one part maragrine and mix with 10 parts dirt and 5 parts water.

Mix by hand until you have a firm density and then craft into “cake” shape.

Place in preheated oven at 180 degrees celsius for 20 minutes until firm (but not brittle).

Serve at room temperature.


Well what can we say? The mudcake is enjoying a resurgence in popularity in Haiti as food prices soar leaving many Haitians without a way to fill their stomachs.

At only a few cents, a cake can fill your belly and make your wallet immune from the effects of soaring world food prices.

With many Haitians unable to afford basic food stuffs and the UN backed aid distribution in the country not particularly working well for many who need it, mudcakes are the only way left to stave off hunger for many.

You can read more about how to serve mudcakes at any Haitian themed dinner party here and here.


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