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    So being funny is now illegal in the UK


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    I could have told you that!


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    Chillin’ sup Players?


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    @ROB wrote:

    Boar hunting in Indo?

    Yep – lost of Boar on Java, Lombok and Banka Island – I have been guiding (with an Indo buddy of mine) an annual Boar Hunting trip sense 05’

    We use firearms on my hunts – as far as I know it is the only Indo boar hunt that Legally uses firearms, all others use bows

    We had a record year this trip – over 20 guys on this hunt, tagged 2 boars and drank tons of booze in the jungle

    ~James G

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    I have a buddy who is a contract combat cameraman with the Army, he uses a S.O. Tech Go Bag to tote his camera gear



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    Just got back from guiding a Boar Hunt and doing some volunteer security for for an NGO in Indo

    Then spent a few days in Dubai visiting a buddy, then back to Kurdistan


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    @ROB wrote:

    Some good stuff.

    But I always advise people against carrying weapons of any type unless they want to end up being sweaty Abdul’s prison bitch for the next 15 years.

    I agree – but I just threw that info in more as a “its interesting to read” and “ya never know if that info may be useful someday”

    But glad you like it – if you want to add any info throw it in the comments for whatever chapter you want to add to

    Thanks Bro


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    Happy New Year players


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    An ATF travel guide – that is the best fucking idea I have ever stolen and claimed I thought of I have ever heard!


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    I a up there a few days a week, everything is migrating up north in preparation for the impending Iraqi civil war

    And no Mc-D’s but I did find the best hamburger joint in K-stizzy


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    @ROB wrote:

    Actually I’ll be in Jakarta some time in Dec or Jan so will hit you up for a beer if you’re around.

    No shizzy? What are ya going to be doing here?

    I won’t be there in Jan but I will PM ya


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    @flipflop wrote:

    A great read as always James, you’re getting a lot of hits there too, nice one

    Thanks dude


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    Spam tastes like the smell of cat food and salt to me

    ~James G

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    Yo Jefe – whats up player!

    ~James G

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