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    Been a long time – what is everyone up to these days on the best DP travel forum on the god damn net?

    I just upgraded my hizzy in Indo, I gots a 5 BR now – opened 2 new ventures, won 2 gov contracts, lost one cuz of some BS but doing well on the civilian training side and the supply side and i am working with a new orphanage here in indo (if anyone reading this has a baby stroller collecting dust please contact me I will pay for shipping if you would like to give it away to some babys in need)

    Loving life like a mo-fo, taking a break while moving into me new hizzy – apparently cable installers in Indonesia work from the same “we will be there between 6AM and 6PM sometime between Monday and Friday” playbook that US cable company’s go by

    Anyway – good to be back to PB’s for a couple of weeks


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    Jeesh – You don’t hear from a fella for a few months and he shows up pimpin’

    Good to hear from you – glad you’re still alive.

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    Actually I’ll be in Jakarta some time in Dec or Jan so will hit you up for a beer if you’re around.

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    Hey JITW. Congrats on the contracts and hope you are well. I travel mostly stateside now but get overseas at least a couple times a year.

    Drop me a PM and I will give you some details!

    Take care

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    @ROB wrote:

    Actually I’ll be in Jakarta some time in Dec or Jan so will hit you up for a beer if you’re around.

    No shizzy? What are ya going to be doing here?

    I won’t be there in Jan but I will PM ya


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    That’s too bad.

    Nothing terribly serious. Just schmoozing through Indo for a while. Get a few photographs etc.

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    Forget Indo Rob, you should get up to Siam post haste…it’s one big rockin’ pool party here & we are all drowning in the love & compassion of Lord Buddha….

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    Jesus, it’s like folks are coming back from the dead on this board. lol

    Good to see you still kicking, Jimbo. ;)

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    what is everyone up to these days

    Travellin around and goin on adventures and shit. 3.5 Dinars for a brew in Jordan and thats at the cheap dives I end up in and the Maccy Dees that was by the ampha theater is gone. WTF!

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