Arya Kazemi

a regular writer for Polo's Bastards.

Mumbai Memories

Long before the success of Danny Boyle’s multi-Oscar winning film Slumdog Millionaire, based on the lives of various youngsters living in its cavernous slums

Georgia – Gori in Pictures

Even before becoming the focus of world headlines in August 2008 after being subject to Russian military attacks and subsequent occupation in the wake of the conflict in nearby S. Ossetia, the Georgian town of Gori was well-known to some abroad due to the fact that it was birthplace and hometown of the former leader…

Morocco – The Kif From The Rif

Although nowadays hashish and the country of Morocco have almost become synonymous with each other, due to the North African nation having a lion’s share of the world’s illicit market of the product, they are actually new to each other, relatively speaking.

Iran – Cartoon Time

A cartoon exhibition held from August 14 to September 13, 2006 in the Iranian capital, Tehran, was the focus of much international attention and controversy due to its holocaust theme.

Cuba – Hi Fidelity

As Cuban leader, Fidel Castro, 80, convalesces in hospital following surgery for internal bleeding brought on by his gruelling work schedule over recent months, Polo’s Bastards presents a photographic testament to the man whose term has outlasted nine US Presidents.