Georgia in Pictures


This is a picture of the monument for Deda Ena (mother tongue). Deda Ena is a book written by Akaki Tsereteli. He created the schoolbooks were used to teach reading and writing some time back in the 19th century.


This is a picture is of Jvari (cross) Church. It’s as old as the hills, but still in pretty good shape. The church looks down on the town of Mtskheta, where the mother church of Georgia can be found – equally as old. Since Tbilisi is only 30 minutes away it is very popular to get married in the lower church then go take in the view from the upper church. ck3


These two picturs are of some cool soviet art over the tunnel that connects East and West Georgia. ck6

Just a random shot of the hilly countryside. ck8

The trip from East to West Georgia is fun because it’s like a drive through Wal-Mart. I didn’t take pictures of it all but will explain: Not far from Tbilisi, people sell sheep meat (mutton) by the roadside. If you’re early enough you can see them kill and cut them. The next town is the same but with pigs instead (pork, bacon etc). Then you go by a town where people hold up puppies for sale. Other than Joseph Stalin, Gori is famous for apples and that is what they sell there. There is a town where no less than 30 families sell hammocks for less than 10 USD. The town after that sells nuts dipped in grape paste. Then you see towns where people are selling everything from cutting boards to musical instruments. This is the “pots town”


And just as you are nearing the end of your shopping trip, there is one last thing you may need… Bread and cheese! ck10 ck11

These are on the side of a magnesium factory. It is way too big to take a picture of, but only about 10% still functions. ck12

Can you guess what they produce here? ck13

This is an old soviet tank base outside Kutaisi. Nothing special about it, but a kid did get killed very recently by a mine while looking for scrap metal here. ck14


ck15 ck16

These three pictures were taken in a small town after Kutaisi. I have no idea what they are for. ck17

In Xobi there is this sports complex. I cannot understand what’s going on here, because it looks pretty big for a town of less than 800.
There are two more buildings in the complex, but they don’t have the artwork. ck18

Every small town has some small sculptures at one end. ck19 ck20

These pictures are of one of the “peace keeping” checkpoints in the area I have to drive past to get into Zugdidi.


Here’s just one of a few pictures of some mountains that I took on the way to see some of my wife’s relatives. In the foreground is some of the most worthless tea in the world. From what people tell me, tea grew the best in Georgia, but the USSR picked quantity over quality. ck22 ck23

This building used to be a tea factory. It had apartments for workers, schools for the kids, and the pool, pictured above. ck24

Here is the Jvari (name of this town) sign. I can only guess what the crew that built this was on, but we are pretty close to Svaneti, where It’s rumoured they grow some good dope. ck25

The last remaining bust of Joseph Stalin. One of my wife’s relatives tells me that he wants this Stalin bust. The problem is he is almost 75 years old. This summer I think I will liberate it for him. I’m hoping that he’ll give me one of his AKs for it. ck26

We are back in Zugdidi here. These people are my wife’s neighbors, and every time we come home they are killing a pig, cow, or chicken. I have to say I have become good at giving chickens the axe, but my mother in law doesn’t let me touch a cow unless there is a wedding.



Photographs by Chris Koym

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