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      So my camera came with a 18 to 55 mm lens and I wouldent mind havin a zoom with me for my next time out that should be in Sept / Oct after rickshaw season is over. Cant decide what to go with though as there are many options and I am more or less clueless.

      Am lookin at this one.


      It starts at 55mm right where the lens I have now finishes off and goes up to 250mm. it is kinda cheap in price and should be affordable come the end of season.

      or there is this bad boy.


      This one costs almost twice as much and goes to 300mm but I will lose out on the 55mm to 70mm. Is that a big deal? And why does an extra 50mm of zoom cost almost double?

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      i bought a nikon 70-300 f4-5.6 that I am very happy with, but mine was cheap as shit and nasty, but I had some spare cash so I got it. The equivalent Canon lens is this one here. It does the job, but don’t expect miracles in this price range.

      Most of the lenses that are “good” are in the thousands of dollars range so if you’re like me you won’t really stress too much over which of those ones is “better” cos if you want really good lenses you have to pay a fucking bomb for them. Personally I think you will shoot a lot more photos at 300mm than you will in the missing 55-70 range, so I’d go with the 300.

      The best lens is the one you have!

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      I bought this, it was on special. It’s not bad but if you are going to do some serious photography then you have to pay, top dollar.


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      Here are two samples of photos that I have taken with that lens.

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