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      There I was….

      Back in small town VT with a Navy buddy and his wife. We had just had breakfast at the greatest breakfast chow place in the world, so had drank a couple whiskeys which is always fun when there are 8 State Troopers at the next table (0830).
      In the words of an Italian Carabinieri buddy when he described some vile shit called Camparia “It’s very digestive..”

      Local elections are in full swing and some Tranvestite is running for office. AND a friend is away on a business trip.

      With the gleeful smile on his blue blood CT rebel from a rich family wife’s face, we do a drive by and without stopping, grab an election sign for said thing off somebodies lawn and put it in front of Petes condo. He lost his mind when he saw it. I put the thought into his mind that it was probably so and so who did it. Can’t remember who itt was, but they were innocent and it started what I call the two year war lOL

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