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      So, I have a 32ft. sail boat in Makran, Pakistan. Some of you may have seen a few posts on the BFC in reference to that. I’m hoping to sail it back to the U.S. heading West. I could use some contacts in Djibouti, and on the Eastern side of the Med. I also need to know a few things about renaming and reflagging a boat/ papaers needed when entering port/ going through the Suez. So if any of you are sailors drop me some advice…

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      Head to Hotel Bienvenue in le marche central, relatively cheap at 18USD a night. (Yes – by African standards that’s damned expensive, but welcome to Djibouti). Ask the hotel manager if he can put you in touch with Ahmed. Ahmed’s one of those local tout/fixer types who can help you around the place(for a fee of course).

      The place is rife with crooked bastards preying on foreigners though. I have Ahmed’s number around here somehwere but it’s probably not worth looking up. If you start asking for him, he’ll probably end up finding you.

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      Are you intent on sailing West? Ocean trips into prevailing winds in a 32 ft yacht is as close to pergatory as you are likely to get. Consider going east!

      I’ll try to get some info from friends who do yacht delivery and put it here for you regarding the other stuff. Though in reality you will probably get more accurate info from each Harbour Master you meet regarding papers for the next port of call (starting with the HM in Makran). You should also talk to whoever registers boats in your home state regarding renaming/ reregistering. You will probably also have to pay duty on it.

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      SRR, Thanks for the hook up. I’ll look for Ahmed at the hotel when i get there. Rob, Yeah, I’m pretty intent on West. Here’s why: FIRST; boat is a stolen Indian vessel…so I don’t really want to go back around India, I’ll stay West of Pakistan. SECOND; I don’t really want to go through the most pirate infested waters in the world in Indonesia and the Philipines on a slow as the wind boat. I have on board now 3 wire guideds and a case of L85A1s (which I will trade for a browning 50 cal to be mounted on deck, and some AKs and perhaps some tokarev pistols,etc) So I can handle the piracy around Djibouti…but not keen on SE Asia. THIRD; I want to end up on the East coast of U.S. and don’t really want to deal with either the Pacific Ocean on a little 32 footer nor do I want to go through the Panama Canal and deal with the Chinese who run it. So I figure the only real headache is papers, flag (I’ll probably go with a Liberian)/ name, and of course tacking into Djibouti…wind always blows the wrong damn way. The Med Should be easy, and from Gibraltar to the Canaries and Azores and through the Carribeanshould be lots of fun.

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