Mexico – Train To El Norte

In golden light, as children shriek and play in sooty water, a girl gazes across the banks of the snaking Suchiate River that separates Guatemala from Mexico. A gaze towards Mexico, the gateway that must be forged before crossing into the United States can even be attempted. (click on pictures to enlarge)

Kosovo – Birth Of A Nation

In the spring of 1999 NATO waged an 11-week bombing campaign against the rump state of Yugoslavia, in an attempt to force Slobodan Milosevic’s Government to submit to demands to withdraw its troops from Kosovo, following an alleged campaign of ethnic cleansing that appeared too similar to events in nearby Balkan states, such as Bosnia,…

Northwest Frontier Province – Guncraft

“Oh, I cannot take you to Darra,” the Afghan fellow insisted. He ran a clothing shop in our hotel during the evenings, and specialized in shepherding around random tourists during the daytime; though, at this juncture, tourists were few in Peshawar.

Ingushetia & Chechnya – Amidst The Rubble

The war in Chechnya has the dubious distinction of being Europe’s longest running conflict. In August I travelled to the war torn republics of both Chechnya and Ingushetia with the Danish Refugee council (DRC) to photograph internally displaced people (IDPs), who have fled the conflict; and to see how the security situation in the region…