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HPG(PKK) warning to Turkish military: “You will fall into a quagmire”

HPG (People’s Defence Forces) Commandership Headquarters replied with a strong warning to the Turkish administration and the Turkish military commander’s statements where they threatened that, “if necessary we will enter northern Iraq (southern Kurdistan)”.

The HPG stated that any possible incursion into southern Kurdistan by the Turkish military will be dealt by strong opposition and any possible military operation in southern Kurdistan will turn into a quagmire for the Turkish military. In the message, they stated that the real aim of the Turkish government is to damage the rights recently earned by the people of South Kurdistan and create obstacles for the USA.

HPG pointed out that the recent Turkish military operations against their guerrillas ended without any results.

“The AKP (Islamist Justice and Development Party) administration’s policies of denial and annihilation took them to nowhere and that is why they are bringing forward military operations beyond their borders”, HPG’s statement

It was stated that the real aim of an incursion into southern Kurdistan by the Turkish government is to create more chaos and destabilize the situation in Iraq.

The statement reads as follows:

“Despite the fact that the Turkish government clearly stated their wish to enter southern Kurdistan following their unsuccessful military operations in Botan, Amed and Dersim, it is clear that Turkish military will not be able
to get a result in southern Kurdistan where the HPG are strong quantitatively and in quality. This is well known by the AKP and the Turkish military.

As HPG fighters, we are stating that any possible incursion by the Turkish military into southern Kurdistan is doomed to fail and we will create a quagmire in the area and we are more then ready for the possible attacks by the Turkish forces in southern Kurdistan.”

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