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    Redharen might be interested in this, if he doesn’t already know about it. It complements nicely his work on trails in Israel. Wild-in-Africa too. (Whatever happened to your Gaza report btw?)


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    Oh hi Penta, you’re right, I never did get around to writing anything on Gaza although I did write something on Jerusalem which doesn’t seem to have made it onto the site. Difficult year since then with all sorts of bad family shit gone down and didn’t put me in much of a mood for writing anything. Currently in Bangladesh though, a new country for me, but only for a couple of weeks mission then home. Interesting but a bit too bloody congested for my taste. Prefer the wide open spaces really.

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    Good to hear you’re still out there travelling the world and occasionally checking in. Not so good to hear about your family stuff. (We had one of those years too.) I must say Bangladesh has never appealed to me either, for exactly that reason, the sheer number of people. All being well with family, we’re going to get another short trip to Chilean Patagonia in January – enough wide open spaces for anyone. :)

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