The Bus Toilet Incident

During my travels have I come to accept the fact that the unexpected and unimaginable, can and will happen.

But still, some things I just don’t count on.

I was travelling by bus from the north of Thailand to Bangkok. We had just left a rest stop when my stomach started to move. In a minute or two it was very clear that it was a bad case of RPD-(Rocket Propelled Diarrhoea) coming.

With a tight margin did I rush in to the toilet!

As with most bus toilets, this one had very limited space for big Scandinavians. I was further obstructed by a big water barrel and the positioning of the stainless steel cone, supplementing as the main functioning apparatus for this specific space.

I had to turn 180 degrees on the spot to be able to lock the door.

The unimaginable strikes again!

The floor gave away a little bit and my foot slid under the wall. Surprised as II tried to retrieve my foot, the floor sprang up and I realised that I was seriously stuck.

This was when a slight panic began. After a couple of desperate tugs, it was time for some FAST thinking.

I soon abandoned the idea of doing my business with my foot still in a pinch, when I realised that I couldn’t really reach and do it safely in the steel cone.

At this moment came the really heavy metal feeling of panic.

I started to act as if I were on a ballet audition.

After some very dangerous ballet moves in this tiny space without any grips, on a wildly shaking and dancing bus speeding through the black night, I finally managed to free my poor trapped foot..

Did my business on the grubbiest toilet I ever saw in Thailand (and that says a lot). But it didn’t matter at the time, ’cause if I had had to wait two more seconds, this would have been an unimaginably disgusting story.

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