Photos of Turkey

This was taken in a valley just south of Van in south-east Turkey. The girl in the pink dress was wandering among the cows and eyed us suspiciously as our car pulled up and my camera appeared out the window. Nikon F80/Sigma 170-500mm

River Micinger in Hosap, south-east Turkey. I was hiding behind some bushes across the river to get the picture without the women posing, but I think the old dear on the left had just spotted me! Nikon F80/Sigma 170-500mm

When I first spotted these two, the little boy was sat in the wheelbarrow while his older sister pushed him along. The site of me pointing a camera at him caused him some consternation. His sister thought it was highly amusing. This picture was taken not far from the small village of Gevas, on the banks of Lake Van in south-east Turkey.

These two pretty young girls were keen to get in as many camera shots as possible. This was taken in a tiny mountain village not far from Hakkari, south-east Turkey. When we first arrived there, boys holding rocks surrounded our car. A few words from our Kurdish driver and we were welcomed with open arms. Nikon F80/Nikkor 28-105mm

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