Pakistan – Don’t Fly, Drive!

This is really just Pakistan business stuff, but it might make life easier for those who are travelling in the area. I don’t have a full list of the sites yet, but when I do I’ll pass it on.

National Logistic Cell (NLC) has started work on a US$2000 million project to construction modern border terminals on Pakistan’s international borders in order to encourage traders to use the land route when doing business with neighbouring countries including India, Iran, Afghanistan and the Central Asian states. It’s a clever, or maybe not so clever, attempt to increase the tax grab.

The U.S. has offered Pakistan US$450 million in aid for the establishment of a terminal at Torkham to increase land-route trade with Afghanistan.

The border terminals will be constructed at Wagah, Torkham, Chaman and Taftan and these terminals will be equipped with all the necessary modern facilities for both locals and foreigners. These terminals are supposed to be state of the art, according to those in the know.


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