What’s the longest you’ve ever overstayed a visa?

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      There were 2 guys from China at the Pakistan/Iran border yesterday who went to get their Pakistan exit stamps. Official looked through one of the passports and threw it on the ground. Then he started pushing one of the Chinese guys and told him to get the hell out of the office, go to Quetta and then Islamabad and get an extension. These guys had managed to overstay their 3 month visas by an additional 3 months.

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      Hey Kramer,
      I renewed my visa once and then stayed another fourmore months after the extention expired. I was in Karachi for ten months, The first six were legit. I had no problem in leaving via Jinnah Airport Karachi. Now that may have been because I had a U.S. passport, or because it was the January after Sept. 11th, or it could be that as I was travelling with both a dog and a hawk the passport control folks were distracted. It could also be that your Chinese folks were actually getting hassled for a bribe and didn’t investigate that possibility.After all nothing is certain or standard procedure in Pakistan. Generally a White Western Face with a smile gets everything in Pakistan. It was Akbar the Great (Mogul ruler of India) that forced all wanting to business with him to remove their shirts. If the man was hairless that was the end of the meeting…..Akbar didn’t trust the Chinese. There are still lots of Racial attitudes that come in toplay with such things.

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      Last time I saw them they were sitting around outside, probably waiting to go speak to the guy again, although the official did make quite a big scene in the office. If it was the Pakistan/India border i’d definitely be confident that a deal could be made just based on passing through there. One of the guys was a Muslim convert as well.

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      These guys were probably doing the old border dance, when their Visa expired they just exit to a neighboring country for a few days then reenter.Problem with doing this (I’ve done it a few times) is some immigration official is gonna get pissed and tell you you have to get an extension or a renewal.

      In Asia, you usually get fined (I did in Thailand once) around 5000 Bhat as I recall (About $100 US).

      I think Abdakbar is right on this one, sounds like some official was looking for a donation to his retirement fund.


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