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    So first time in Indonesia – has it always been really laid back?

    I was expecting it to be a lot more aggressive. I mean, I paid “foreign prices” and all that but those foreign prices were a lot less than the starting price of haggling in other places I have been. The husslers were positively friendly to the point that I actually felt guilty for turning them away. My GF didn’t get hassled at all and there wasn’t a single “scam” that was even attempted on me.

    What the hell happened to third world travel, or is Indonesia just a laid back place?

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    Lee Ridley

    Where abouts did you go? We’re looking at a family trip this year, to ease my daughter into travel.
    Have been looking at Thailand, but now you have my interest piqued on Indonesia.

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    and there wasn’t a single “scam” that was even attempted on me.

    Sorry to hear that.

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    Lee- Skip Thailand for a family trip & go to Burma now before it becomes another Planet McStarbucks, Indonesia is nice (in spite of the fact that it has western fast food places) but Burma has more to offer visitors, if I find the time in May I’m returning there, but unfortunately I’ll only be in Rangoon….it’s definately worth considering & it’s a great first time destination for your daughter….

    I’m wondering why it took Rob so long to visit Indonesia….

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    Lee Ridley


    I was looking at Burma trips last night, as it happens.
    Definitely looks more interesting to me and the missus, just need to be sure that there’ll be enough to keep my 9 year-old daughter occupied.

    In truth, we just invested a lump of money in the “next big thing”, so may have to put this trip on hold for another year, anyway.


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    Now I am intrigued about your big thing.

    Never thought I would say that.

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    Oh, Indo we did nothing particularly adventurous – Jakarta, Bandung, Bogor and Yogyakarta.

    But usually in cities I find it pretty easy to get into weird situations, but these places weren’t really that different to travelling in poorer parts of Italy.

    Even the bloody drivers were really laid back. It’s like “third world lite” though I imagine you could probably get more adventurous the further out you travelled.

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    Lee Ridley

    The “big thing” is launched on the 29th. I’ll spill the beans on the 1st March.


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    Tenterhooks. Hope it’s a good ‘un.

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    Holy crap – I just realised that when I travelled to Indonesia the Aussie travel wanring was “Reconsider Your Need to Travel”

    What an unmitigated load of shit.

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    At what point do government travel warnings become so inaccurate that the general population starts to ignore them?

    Following on then, don’t they have a duty of care to continue to provide accurate warnings rather than risk-averse warnings?

    If they make their warnings so risk-averse that they are no longer useful, and therefore train the public to ignore them, haven’t they also then breached their original duty of care?

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