Swiss man survives 300 days on remote island with baby pig

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    Swiss man survives 300 days on remote island with baby pig

    Melbourne: A Swiss man has successfully survived a 300-day ordeal an uninhabited Pacific island, with just two knives and a baby pig for company.

    Adventurer Xavier Rosset decided to isolate himself completely, surviving on food and shelter which he found himself, to challenge the modern way of life. “It was hard, yes, very hard,” quoted Rosset as saying.

    Rosset started his adventure on Tofua, a 64-square-km volcanic isle that has nothing except “some pigs, lots of coconuts, a lake and tropical forest”.

    He took with him just a Swiss army knife, a machete and a video camera to record his journey for a documentary to be aired later this year, and says his aim was to relearn natural survival skills.

    “At the beginning, I had to try hard to survive,” Rosset said. “I had to find the food and water, build shelter, learn how to fish, everything.”

    During the journey, he also learned how to trap and kill wild pigs, making his only “friend” in the process — a tiny piglet.

    “I couldn’t eat it because there wasn’t enough meat [on the piglet] so I took it with me and she stayed with me for three months,” Rosset said.

    “She was exactly like a dog. She was a very good friend for me but I didn’t talk to her like [Tom Hanks] talked to the volleyball in the movie Castaway,” he said.


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    Cool story – I was just thinking about doing the same thing for 3 months on JITW Beach on Banka Island in Indonesia

    I hope he writes a book about his experiences


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    hope he had something to read

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