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      Just thought I would let you bastards know I am still alive and kicking. Currently in Dhaka Bangladesh (mad freakin city). Was in Eastern Sudan (Red Sea Hills and Coast) in Aug/Sept, Tanzania in December and Brazil (whoop whoop) in the New Year, so still putting it about hither and thither, and not dropped off the edge yet. Cheers!!

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      How do you like Bangladesh? For me it’s the only country I have been to that I hated.

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      Bangladesh? No, don’t hate it although prefer the wide open spaces of Africa. Everything is so congested and in your face here, especially Dhaka, but country-wide. However had an nteresting field visit to the north last week and enjoyed the Rangpur and Rajshahi regions which were more relaxed. Very wet, green and lush.

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      Good to see you haven’t dropped off yet. ;)

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      Lee Ridley

      Hey stranger… Good to hear from you!

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      Nah maties, the bastards not able to finish me off yet. Just been a rough year, family wise and the urge to write temporarily diminished. Still travelling though as you can see, and having got over my jetlag from the longhaul back from Dhaka, ready to fly out to Arusha in Tanzania in 10 days time for a one week trip.

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