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      Mine dont work. Anyone else having problems? It dont seem to except any mail.

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      mines full of spam from lee.

      Fuckin penis pumps and cut price viagra.

      As soon as i zap it…he fills my inbox up with more shit,

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      Did you know that the guy that invented the “Penis Pump” is Iraqi (lived I Europe) and is a minister in Iraq now?

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      Looks like you maxed out the inbox – i raised the quota for you.

      Can you please clear out some of the old messages?

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      Lee Ridley

      Make sure you clear out the sent items, too.

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      Oh shit! I figured that when I moved stuff to the trash it just went away. So thats what that little garbage can means :D I thought my buddy was in the bucket as I have not heard from him. Thanks guys.

Viewing 5 reply threads
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