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      Rob, I know it’s been donkey’s years since I have been in touch, but after your post about your Myanmar (Burma) visit I felt I should chime in. As of now I’m editing news stories for an organization based in Sittwe, the capital city of Rakhine state. The name of the organization is called Development Media Group (DMG) the website is http://www.dmediag.com all of their news is exclusively about Rakhine state, needless to say it’s ugly. The editor-in-chief is a guy named Aung Marm Oo who is a really good guy, that I met when I was I Yangon earlier this month. At the time I met him I didn’t know he was wanted by police and “the Special Branch” which falls under the Ministry of Home Affairs, the only ministry which is run by the military, he did look a bit stressed when we spoke. Anyway as of now he’s been getting support from western groups like the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) which is based in New York City and other organizations that help ethnic groups in Myanmar with development, conflict resolution and other issues. I’m one of the only people now who can contact Aung because I have been entrusted to handle his finances while he is in seclusion from authorities. I’m only asking people to be a bit more aware about the situation in Rakhine, it’s not really only about the Rohingya’s now, unfortunately they are pretty much screwed for the very long term. The Arakhan Army is fighting for self-determination in Rakhine, and they will fight to the bitter end if need be. There is a kind of alliance between the Arakhan army and the KIA in Katchin State, but for now there is no light at the end of the tunnel.

      I’m living back in Bangkok, from November 2017 to December 2018 I was living in Myanmar in Nay Pyi Taw working for the Ministry of Information, but I quit for reasons that are complicated and take time explaining so I will not bore anyone with that shit. Now that you have been to the country read up on the shit that goes down in Rakhine, besides the DMG’s website there’s also the Irrawaddy, Myanmar Times, Frontier Myanmar & Mizzima for news, over a period of time I have met Burmese journalists from these different news services & others, all good and righteous people. So I though I would get this out to you people.

      Betcha thought I would never surface again uh? It’s been a weird two years….

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      Interesting post! I hope this forum will rise again since the BFC is over and done with and pretty much has been for a long time.

      I have not done my Asia tour yet, but I am semi-retired and plan on Thailand, Cambodia, Lao, Vietnam and now that you mention it, probably Myannmar. If for nothing else; to honor COL KKW and “Rally the Rohinga.”

      Can you give me some generalities about a visit to the capital? Is there a decent bar scene/food at least?

      Good luck and thanks for the post. Nice surprise to see you back.

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