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    Philippines ejects tourist for rudeness
    Published: March 7, 2008 at 5:39 PM

    MANILA, Philippines, March 7 (UPI) — The Philippine immigration commissioner has barred a foreigner from entering the country after she allegedly badmouthed the country’s residents.

    Immigration Commissioner Marcelino Libanan blacklisted the Dutch woman, Jenifer Sharmila Kalka, 42, preventing her from entering the Philippines after she allegedly argued with immigration officers and used profanities to insult Filipinos, reported Friday.

    Officials at Ninoy Aquino International Airport said Kalka refused to answer routine questions from immigration officer Fortunato Manahan and became angry when she was asked to fill out a disembarkation form.

    “You Filipinos are… lazy,” she allegedly said, including a four-letter synonym for copulation in her statement. “That is why you are poor.”

    Libanan said the woman was put on the next available flight to her port of origin.

    “A foreign tourist who exhibits arrogance and rude behavior upon his arrival in the Philippines should be turned back right away for he does not deserve the hospitality of our country and people,” he said.

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    Nice one. I can just picture this whole exchange in my mind’s eye. I picture a spoiled rotten first worlder that normally gets what she wants and can’t comprehend that there could possibly be a consequence to acting the fool. I am usually behind “this lady” at immigration when I make a trip. I just want to walk up and yell in their ear “IT AIN’T (insert home country here), THE RULES YOU KNOW DON’T APPLY HERE!!!”

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    Immigrations officer: “Welcome to my home!” “Now why should I allow you to come inside for a visit?”



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    Funny. Other countries should follow suit, it would keep the izzies away.

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    Dubai would empty overnight.

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    They cant kick the locals out dude


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    The locals are fine. It’s the western expats that have no manners.

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