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      Hate to shock everyone; but the peace accord has fallen apart.

      Thousands of FARC heading back to the hills. All kinds of splinter groups filled their vacuum and enough to make Penta sense a disturbance in the force:

      Former AUC members ally with FARC to run drugs.

      Say it ain’t so!

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      Is there actually a chance that long term peace breaks out there?

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      No. The “Peace Process” is a bit of a sham. About 25% of the FARC de-mob’d. But that was like when the Para’s demob’d. The weapons turned in were non-functional pieces of shit while the good ones were cached or sold. Thosuands that did this have headed back to the hills and withdrawn from the program.

      Calls to prosecute FARC LDRs for war crimes run high. Only thing stopping it is that GOV forces might have to answer for theirs.

      There is obviously plenty of manpower from refugees from VZ to fill any gaps and the GOV didn’t deliver on aid to the countryside as promised. Shocker there.

      The one thing holing things at status quo is that after teh cross border raid into Ecuador, most of the FARC senior leadership has been captured/killed. There is no one unifying command and control structure at present, so their are independent fronts. This allows the GOV to wait for the much reduced targeting required when somebody triess to stop up and fill that gap and they get smoked. Economy of force.

      GOV forces are far better and stronger than in days gone by. The Gs will always be there, but it will never get as bad as it was. Had they shifted some funding from the kinetic (i.e., killing) part of Plan Colombia to development in the interior regions, things would have gotten better.

      The people are war weary and very much against violence of any type. The ELN is alive and well. They are smaller, but were always far more proficient than the FARC. Cartels keep a low profile and are regional powers more than any one unified force like the Medellin/Cali cartels were and that’s how it’s going to stay.

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