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    Dang – all my posts (the ones i made in the last 10 min) gone

    I guess it has to do with the theme change


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    Ya – had a fellow upgrading the forum. I ain’t a huge fan of the theme, but I will wait until he is finished with the techie stuff before I play with the theme.

    Still a few more things to upgrade over the next 24 hours so no promises about whether your posts in that time will survive.

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    No prob dude

    hey – PB is on twitter now!


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    Yeah – I didn’t really get twitter at first, but if you have a decent number a followers it’s actually pretty good for finding out the answer to questions.

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    Cool – I am following you now

    Is it just my connection or is Twitter really, really slow?


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    It’s been up and down all day.

    What’s your username there?

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    I am “DeathValleyMag” on twitter

    Do you have a Fan page on facebook for PB?


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    Hey dude – Is it safe to upload my Avatar now?


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    Not yet. We’re trying to integrate teh forum with wordpress. A few glitches so far.

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    Are you using wp-united?

    It is a pain in the ass, but when you get it working it rocks


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    Yup- that’s what we’re having the problems with.

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    That’s funny that we are both fighting with the same script at the same time


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    One of the problems with this site is that we started it back when I didn’t know much about CMS etc. It’s a fricken mess.

    Am trying to consolidate it all under wordpress and a forum software.

    If wp-united doesn’t work, I will probably switch the forum accross to vbulletin and try integrating wp with that instead.

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    nice new look. Cheers Rob.

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    It’s much easier to read. Well done for that.

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