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      Got any good local insults or heard of any whilst travelling?

      “Bush” (The President) has made its way into the local vocabulary with the Pathans mainly in the NWFP and Baluchistan. “Da Bush bachee” is quite an insult over here, translating as “Son of Bush”. The reply is, “no, you are Bush” in Pashto. Punjabis are also not seen kindly here.

      Another, if someone offends you is to point towards your groin and say in Pashto “Take my cock”. A guy did it once up north so everyone could hear him in a bazaar and the recipient shot him some time later. There are variations of this. If someone asks you for your ID or permission to be doing what you are doing, you can point at your groin and say “here’s my permission”.

      Also heard a rather descriptive one by a Turkish guy which went somewhere along the lines of what you would do to another’s mother with a ping-pong bat, complete with the sounds of a ping-pong bat hitting a ball.

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      – a link RYP once so thoughtfully posted on the BFC. A great laugh……


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      When I lived and worked in Egypt, as with most places the first snippets of lingo I was taught were insults.

      Kussomakh (sp) supposedly means something to do with “your mother’s c*nt”

      I was up in Dahab once, and this local guy was giving these Israeli girls a hard time. When I tried to defend them he started on me.
      I spat the word “Imshi kussomakh” at him and it stopped him dead in his tracks. He vowed to have me thrown out of Dahab before the end of the day, and out of Egypt by the end of the week.

      I never saw him again after that, plus I got to play gropey gropey with one of the Israeis! :D

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      Yeah in India my friend was called “The son of six fathers” to which he lit a smoke and said “Hey thats pretty funny!”


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      Dont go repeating this but calling someone a dog in Thai really makes ’em mad….(something I suggest you avoid) EE Nah MAH!! (You dog face!)
      might get you a muay thai style kick to the head. Also calling someone after a big lizard is a great insult (Eye HEE YAH!!!) It is sometimes amusing to listen to the Thai vendors crack on the outrageous tourists who haggle over their merchandise. A few I remember ‘White Lady with hair like drunk monkey, Fat like River pig (hippo) skin like a fish belly. giggling among themselves since they deliver it with a smile they know they can get away with it until some asshole like me comes along and ruins it when I call them a cheap shit (kee Nee Ow!) showing your feet is bad manners as well as an insult, throwing something to someone is bad, hand it to them and DONT STEP ON A COIN TO KEEP IT FROM ROLLING AWAY (has an image of His Majesty, which you’ve insulted with your foot).

      One curse I remember from Vietnam was “May your penis turn into a scorpion and crawl up your ass” Sheesh!

      Filipinos usually use good old American style curses calling someone BASTOS! (bastard) it might get you cut but ‘Gagoo” (idiot) or better yet BUANG!!! BUANG (Crazy fool) might get everyone laughing.

      Watch your mouth


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