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    I have been doing a lot of outsourcing coding online.

    Anyway, lately I have noticed more and more Greek guys showing up in the lists of coders looking for work.

    The thing is, they’re coming in cheaper than Eastern Europe or even India

    Welcome to the new world order.

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    I’d guess Spaniards are even more desperate these days. But they’re going to Argentina and Brazil looking for work, not Australia. I think you’ve always had a lot of Greek immigrants, haven’t you? I remember meeting some (in Greece) ages ago, who’d learnt their good English in stints in Australia.

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    Yeah, you’re right, but I am only hiring them remotely (ie. They work for me from their home country)

    A couple bid on a bit of work I had recently at $5 an hour. I get the feeling they are desperate and ditching their prices to get a foot in the virtual door. But that is undercutting even the Indians ($11 average) and the Eastern Euros ($16 average).

    Haven’t noticed any Spaniards applying yet, but now you mention it it would seem logical.

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