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      If you go to (a great bank with international presence) you can find a toolbar where you can order free country reports which arrive via email in 24hours.

      I got one for a country I know well and it was very good and you can’t beat the price!

      Got chewed out by the city police a couple days ago for shooting a squirrel in the yard. No citation. I think the guy thought I was starving to death or something when I told them I used em for stews!

      Ah, city life!

      The sad thing is now that I can’t figure out a better way than strangling them with wire once I get them in the trap. Its alot more humane to shoot them in my opinion.

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      Squirrels are pretty amazing creatures, as are pigeons, considering that they thrive more in the city than in the country (like rats), but part of that adaptability is that they become cannibles sometimes during harsh winters which can lead them to catching some form of wasting disease. I remember when I lived in Madison I saw squirrels chewing on roadkill squirrels all the time. One of them my roomates and I adopted that was a paraplegic that we called “Draggy the Squirrel” because he would only move on his forelegs dragging the rest of him behind…never dawned on me to relate the roadkill eaters with Draggy’s condition, but it was sure good for a laugh to have a paraplegic squirrel take popcorn out of drunk people s hands.

      Speaking of eating roadkill:

      My brother in law hit a deer a few months ago and when I returned home two weeks ago I got a big frozen roadkill loin that is now in my freezer here in NYC waiting for the right people to suprise with tasty food killed by a car.

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      “Look at the brand on this one Billy Jo!” “I didn’t know that Ford was branding these critters!”

      Actually, these squirrells live off an abundance of bird feeders so there is no issue with eating them. They get in the house etc and cause problems so I hate to shoot them and not eat them. I gave a couple to the neighbors cat, but she asked me to stop and was kind of horrified by it. So much for asking her out to dinner!

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      Jefe what does squirl taste like?

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      The above guest post is mine, I forgot to sign in.

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      Just received my country report in the email! Brilliant! And as Jefe said – the price is righht!

      Almost restores my faith in banks… almost.

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      I’m impressed…. it gives a breakdown of the best neighbourhoods to buy a house in Kinshasa! Not a bad country report at all…. but it only lists 4 & 5 star hotels for accomodation. Also doesn’t mention anything about bribery.

      Can’t have everything for free, I guess.

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      Almost exactly like Spotted Owl, Bald Eagle or chunked baby dolphin! Hehehe. Actually, thats what we call tuna fish (dolphin chunks).

      Its not bad, especially if you use wine and mix the meat with regular stew meat. Firing up some venison jerky for a shipment to Expat in the next couple weeks. If he disappears from the board all of a sudden, you will know it was a bad batch!

      The neighbors cat loved them! The neighbor is some professor at the University and was whorrified!

      Tell you what, some of the best marksmanship training I got was during my childhood by shooting birds off of peoples birdfeeders with my deer rifle. Although a couple of windy days did get me in some trouble (everyone knew who to blame!), you cant beat shooting birds witha rifle for practice.

      Crows, normally a very smart bird and hard to get witha shotgun unless you trick them with a crow call are alot of fun to shoot from about 300 yards! Nobody feels sorry for them either.

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      I got squirrel eating beat on the PC Food-O-meter…..

      I just ate a huge amount of whale steaks last night.

      It was sooooo damn good I can see why they have nearly been hunted to extinctiion. I really want to eat tehm again.

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