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    Anyone read it?

    I read it years ago – it was probably the first book that really hooked me into the travel narrative genre.

    I am not even sure if it’s just me having rose coloured glasses, but I don’t know if it stands up to a re-reading.

    What’s your favourite travel narrative? I am looking for a new one to read.

    Must be third world. Must be adventure.

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    Lee Ridley

    Years ago, when I worked in Egypt (1993), I read a book called Malaria Dreams, by Stuart Stevens; a book about the author’s travels through central Africa in a beaten up land rover.
    Not a big book, but highly entertaining.


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    Lee Ridley

    In fact, I’ve just ordered it myself to re-read! :mrgreen:

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    I think I will try that one then. :)

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    I’m not suggesting you read it, but the great adventurer and writer who first whetted my interest in Iran was Freya Stark with her book The Valleys of the Assassins. I subsequently read her East is West, a couple of her books on Turkey and I think one of the Arabian peninsula ones (along with Thesiger, of course).

    The best writer in the genre I’ve come across is Norman Lewis. Last summer I read Voices of the Old Sea, which chronicles the dying way of life of a Spanish fishing village in the 1940s and 50s at the cusp of arrival of tourism. It’s a masterpiece. I’ve got a couple of his other books lined up for this summer.

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