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      Does anyone have any info or contacts re being involved in the forthcoming Cambodian elections as an international monitor? I’ve contacted about 20 NGOs to no avail. Some are defunct, some are too lazy to reply, some just tell me to contact one of the others. I feel like a dog chasing his tail but without the fun.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated


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      Second attempt at a response, hope it goes thru, try checking on an organization called FUNCIPEC(they’re French) which was there during the 1998 coup when that Commie Asshole Hun Sen took over the “elections” with his private army. Also they had an election about a year ago and most of the non commie candidates got whacked. You could contact ASEAN and see who they got lined up for the next election. I haven’t been there since 2000 tho.


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      The FUNCINPEC (slightly different spelling) is the second party in Cambodia, not a monitoring agency.
      However it is an excellent term to search the web for as it’s a unique name.

      The Sam Rainsyparty is the 3rd largest party.

      Maybe if you contact one of them they might point you somewhere. Though that might be a bit biased.

      I was surprised to see the number of signs for the two alternative parties up on the side of the road. But it’s still clearly a mess of a country (lets stage a riot!).

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      Met the guy who runs He spends a lot of time in Cambodia and might have info.

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      Gordon Sharpless (tales of asia) is according to his website off in central asia at the moment.
      Just found Andy Brouwer’s forum, might want to post your question there. (

      (I was searching on Ray Zepp, who also might be a contact but who knows how to find him–I have his ‘around battambang’ which still isn’t generally available, and is of poor manufacture and doesn’t include any contact info. To go further back on this train of thought, you could always show up in country and see what’s going on, and Battambang is small enough that finding the NGOs is easy.)

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      Gordon should be back by the end of this coming weekend.

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