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      Looking forward to it. The Peace Accords (shockingly) seem to be falling apart. I had wished that those great people know peace, but, it doesn’t seem to fit down there. At the same time, I don’t think the violence will ever get as bad as it was.

      Hope everyone is well.


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      Good to hear from you mate.

      Aren’t you too old for too much action these days? ;)

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      LOL; thanks for the vote of confidence Rob.

      Yes, I am to a degree, but after 30-35, you really aren’t out there kicking doors and stuff. You become and OPs/INT guy, wear many hats.

      I move into my place tomorrow and as I settle, I can start writing some stuff for your board. Colombia will be a first; then I want to look at Ukraine vs Russia.

      The articles will take time and be professional products. I think we can get some of the pros like Nowonmai and a couple others back on here and I look forward to it.

      How are you doing there Wildman?

Viewing 2 reply threads
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