Border Towns: First Foreign Journalist in Blaine

The spell of Liberation, a narcotic with which the world over dreams of acquiescing their souls, was cast upon Blaine today.

In our convoy we crossed the border under heavy protection and witnessed the Birth of a Society, a City, a Nation; these proud men and women have thrown off the yoke of oppressive imperialistic dictatorships and now see for themselves the glories that the dream of democracy can provide.

There must be special mention for the Women of Blaine. Now that the Women of Blaine are free, they are able to talk amongst one another, buy meat and cheese without fear for worry of retribution. They shall not fear random canings or rape, or be confined to their homes.

They may even wield a weapon if they so choose, the weapons of Glory that can be found all across America, God’s most Blessed country, this great Country.

Its town of Blaine is free.

In my flak jacket and helmet I braved my shaking bones and soiled pants to witness its suddenly Liberated streets. Soldiers across the world, this is what you fight for. This is the gift of Freedom, and a bountiful gift it is indeed.

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