Steve Strommer

sub-editor of Polo's Bastards.

Rose-tinted sunglassed Rock Star, meet Franklin Cudjoe

Rock Star Economics 101 Q: A Ghanaian government official, earning $350 a month, receives a $25,000 government loan payable over 3 and a half years. Explain how he pays off the loan. A: He can’t. Click your fingers and forgive it. Franklin Cudjoe, head of Imani: The Centre for Humane Education, a think-tank based in…

It only gets a little easier

While my first aid kit pales in comparison to Dr. Dave’s and more than likely my travel insurance coverage is woefully lacking, I have in recent years made the procurement and possession of both items a mandatory ritual before each trip. There are a couple of reasons for this.

Medical Emergency Abroad

Anything can happen. Rob wrote an article earlier about getting good medical advice before a trip. Adding to that topic, what happens when something more than a case of the trots comes up? I think it is wise to prepare for as many contingencies as possible, considering of course, the practicality of carrying the stuff…

Deadly diseases, DP’s, refugees and Iraqi airports

Deadly diseases that are making the news. 1)Up to 70% of waterfowl in Vietnam’s southern Mekong delta have tested positive to the bird flu virus strain H5N1. Local veterinary agencies culled 4,620 birds, mainly ducks and chickens, after they detected small outbreaks of bird flu in Hanoi and the three southern localities of Can Tho,…

Good and Bad Sports

The Good Shaka Sola, a shot putter from Samoa, misses his flight to the world athletics championships and has to compete in the javelin, coming last. A crowd favourite. The next Eddie the Eagle? Sola Power? The Bad Kim Jong-il gets 11 holes-in-one on his first attempt at golf. Here are the odds, in case…

Rainforest regeneration in Sabah: pt 2

The group now split for the day. Kevin plus six volunteers headed off to clear a trail into the jungle. A campsite had been recced previously but the jungle grows back quicker than an old man’s ear hair, so it needed cutting back to get our provisions in.