Mausjaur – Reindeer Herding (Part 1)

The snow carpeted the floor of the mature pine forest, sparkling in the crisp, still, freezing morning air. A solitary raven croaked in the distance, its familiar sound carrying across an otherwise silent, arctic wilderness as I strained my ears, searching for the first faint noise of the approaching herd.

War Junkie by Jon Steele

Few people know the main players in Red October, the Russian parliamentary siege of 1993 and even fewer people know why in 1994 the Hutu Tribe went on a killing rampage of Tutsi civilians. The fact is that few people in the wider world really care. Jon Steele, however was at both of these places…

Essaouira New Year

“Ourghh, God”. It was December 31, 1999 and after a month of touring through Morocco I had finally fallen victim to the curse of the third world. For me the catalyst was a chicken kebab roll. That was three days ago. I moaned, clutching my stomach and rolled over to the least painful position. My…