The 7 Most Dangerous Countries for Bloggers

Sure, you’ve probably heard of a few big cases of bloggers being sued or held up to professional standards of journalism that they spectacularly failed to meet, but did you also know that around the world there are over 60 bloggers currently behind bars for writing a lousy blog? The sad truth is that this…

Iraq – Homeward Bound

The long-awaited fourth and final part in Chris Afir’s account of being incarcerated in an Iraqi prison cell: Following 17 days in an Iraqi prison in 2005, Chris Afir and companion, Zim, finally get a military escort out of the country.

NZ Photos

Ok, it ain’t dirty, it ain’t third word and it ain’t adventuresome. But give me a break! I am testing out the new gallery feature!

Talk to Me

“Talk to me.” my companion said in a very predictable manner. She usually says this when she feels I’m ignoring her or at the very least not paying her enough attention.

Georgia – Gori in Pictures

Even before becoming the focus of world headlines in August 2008 after being subject to Russian military attacks and subsequent occupation in the wake of the conflict in nearby S. Ossetia, the Georgian town of Gori was well-known to some abroad due to the fact that it was birthplace and hometown of the former leader…

Recipe: Haitian Mudcakes

Fast becoming the staple culinary delight in Haiti, the humble mudcake has made a resurgence in international cuisine since the heady days of African famine in the 80s. Here’s how you make one!