Bangkok Restaurants – A Hidden Pearl

After a particularly painful stint of chicken kebab-induced diarrhoea in Morocco a few years ago, I began to curtail my adventurous spirit within the realm of culinary delights. Today I pushed the boundaries. I ignored the convulsions my body automatically threw itself into as it saw another possibility of days of intestinal agony. I ignored…

The Children of Khaosan

I knew it would be touristy. It’s famous for being touristy. It’s in all the most popular guidebooks and not many people escape this area without at least one visit. But no matter how much reading you’ve done, no matter how many stories your friends have told you about the place, no matter the rumours…

Mausjaur – Reindeer Herding (Part 1)

The snow carpeted the floor of the mature pine forest, sparkling in the crisp, still,freezing morning air. A solitary raven croaked in the distance, it’s familiar sound carrying across an otherwise silent, arctic wilderness as I strained my ears, searching for the first faint noise of the approaching herd.